How about an option to resolve at the end of a snooze?

Last night I got paged at 22:00 because of kafka consumer lag. After checking dashboards I determined that this consumer was going to catch up in about 2 hours. My issue was:

  • If I resolved the INC then I’d just get paged again immediately.
  • If I snooze the INC then it will page me again after the 2 hours (at 00:00)
  • If I snooze for long enough to sleep then I could miss a later unrelated issue

So I was stuck watching this thing and reading news for 2 hours. Now I’m tired :slight_smile:

It would be really great if there was a checkbox on the Snooze button to “resolve when done”.

This is a great suggestion, thank you! This specific enhancement is not currently planned, but our product team will review it. This type of noise-reducing improvement is very much in-line with PagerDuty’s on-call philosophy. Our Response Experience team has taken note of this suggestion and will prioritize it on our long-term roadmap.

Thank you again!