Hello from Serbia

My name is Vladan, am an Incident handler from NCR. Excited to be part of the PagerDuty Virtual Summit 2020 and this incredible PagerDuty Community.

Welcome Vladan, we are excited to have you in the community!

Am happy to be here. One question Julle. Am currently on this location https://premiumpdu.pagerduty.com/incident-responder-certification-fastrack and am on-page that I have shared. If I click enroll I will get access to materials to remind myself right? I don’t want to start the exam yet since I have one certification before this to do. I just wanted to double-check before I click

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You can click on Enroll. It won’t start the exam :slight_smile:

This is to enroll a course not exam. For exam you would have got a email. :slight_smile:

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