Hands-On Lab Using PagerDuty API [Recording]

Hey folks!
At PagerDuty Summit 2020 I put together a workshop for working with the PagerDuty API. I’m sharing it here for anyone that wants to give it a try, we built it so that anyone can do it at anytime by either following the video or following the textual instructions.

Hands on Lab Using PagerDuty API

In this workshop you will work in Python to build a small app that authenticates against the Twitter API and the PagerDuty REST API to create incidents for Tweets that match a certain hashtag. The skill level of this workshop is beginner and should be appropriate for all audiences.

You can access the workshop on Katacoda here:

If you want to follow along with a video you can watch the recording from Summit 2020 here:

The source code for this workshop is hosted here

If you have any questions or run into any problems feel free to reply in this topic!