Grafana Alerts stopped coming after few days

I have created integration service 'Events API V2" in my service directory for Grafana alerts in PagerDuty. It worked for few days. I did not get any alert after few days. I generated new key and added that to my Grafana Alert. It did not work.
I created completely new integration service. I copied the integration key of this newly created service. It worked for me.
I am not sure why this kind of behaviour. My guess is expiry of integration key but cannot find it in documentation. Please advice what can I do to make it work for all time.


Hi Chandra,

Thanks for reaching out to us about your Grafana issue!

I see that you already have a Support ticket open about this and since this will require some in-depth troubleshooting and further details about your account, we’ll follow up with you there. If you have any additional questions/details you’d like to share, please follow up in your ticket.


Cassie Champagne
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support