Getting Started with Rundeck and Ansible

January 26th we presented a webinar on getting the most out of you Rundeck and Ansible integration.
View this recording to hear a discussion answers to Q&A:

  • I’m trying to run the containerized version of rundeck on Ubuntu 18.04 and I’m having an issue with shared libraries not being discovered.
  • So if our inventory is dynamicaly built in AWX, how can we get that into Rundeck?
  • We have saved all ssh keys with a password in the ansible directory and each host has its own key pair. How can I get rundeck to use these ssh keys without storing them in rundeck.
  • where can i find the usable variables like $node…
  • Is an Ansible control machine always required to run Ansible playbooks from Rundeck ?
  • If we have a Rundeck installation, but Ansible control machine is not on the same server, would that work, and how ?
  • If we have no control machine at all, would Rundeck still be able to go to a target node and run the playbook ?
  • when running an ansible playbook from a remote machine, can you still pass extra variables?
  • What would be the rundeck equivalent of the ansible variable {{ ansible_play_hosts_all }} ?

View the video here: