Getting old/previous value of field


We are using the Rest API. We observed the log entries. There are audits for few fields which is giving the old/previous value of that field while few fields are not giving. For example, title, when we change the title it gives, log entry like “old_title” and “new_title” to identify which was the old title. But if we change the assigned to (using re-assign), change escalation policy (using re-assign), escalation levels (using escalate), add responder, add subscriber, we are not getting the old/previous value.

Is there any way we can get the old/previous value?

Let us know in case of any required information.

Thank You


Hello Sonal,

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this.

So at this time the format for the log entry for title change is old title" changed to “new title” but the format for reassignment log entry is not that way.
However, if you want get the old value for a re-asssigned incident, you would need to go through the older log entries and look for the corresponding log entries where the re-assignment happened. I hope that helps.