Get merge details from incident.

Saw this and it looks like the API for GET Incidents has since changed. All that is available ā€˜isMergeableā€™. How can I obtain the incident id in which 1 incident was merged in with another?


Hello Ryan,

Thanks for reaching out on our Community page. I have asked for a review of this internally and from the previous community post we do believe that this still stands as true. Are you seeing different behaviour ? Please so share what you can here (remembering its a public space) and we can take another look.


Hi John,

Looking at the API documentation (link below) you can see the ā€œresolve_reasonā€ but all of my results are coming in as null even for those that I know were merged.

API Reference | PagerDuty Developer Documentation

Hey Ryan,

Can you reach out via so we can grab some information from you and help troubleshoot the issue further?



Ryan Viera
Technical Support Specialist

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