Get custom details of an incident


I am looking to get the custom details of an incident which I need to send in an email. I tried “Get Incident” and “Log entries” but the “custom details” are not there in the response. Is there any way to get the details?


Thank you for reaching out on our community space! Get an incident should be providing you the body of the Incident you are querying

If this is not happening when you make the call, are there any errors or is it just not providing you with that part of the incident?


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

Look at including “first_trigger_log_entries” in your query to pull back the original event/alert/email information. Visit here for some additional information:

your information is very interesting and a good question but i am not idea.

Hey there! If you have questions regarding making requests to our PagerDuty API endpoints, please do feel free to reach out to and a member of our Support team can assist.