Get breakdown of escalations from Pagerduty Analytics API

The analytics API /raw/incidents/ shows escalation_count in the response schema:

however the reports UI shows a breakdown of manual_escalation_count and auto_escalation_count for each incident which is more useful

It’s useful to have this breakdown as we want to know how many auto escalations there were over a time period. I’d like to report on this automatically rather than inspecting a report in the UI. Is there anywhere else in the API this can be found?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

At this time there isn’t an automatic report for manual_escalation_count and auto_escalation_count for each incident at this time through the API.

I will be happy to bring this up to our product team as a feature request on your behalf!

If there are any further questions or feedback about this, please let us know and I’ll be happy to submit this to the team.

Thanks yes if this could be requested from the team that would be great. It’s the only thing we have to source manually from the UI for our monthly incident report.
For comparison, in the analytics API response we can see a breakdown of interruptions (business hour, off hour, sleep hour) but escalations only has the total.

Thanks Matthew!

Do let us know if you have any thing else you’d like to share.