Future Shifts Absent in "My On Call Shifts"

“My On Call Shifts” shows only a few weeks of schedule, going only as far as Thanksgiving, roughly. However, under “On Call Schedules” in edit mode, I can see as far as Christmas, New Years and beyond. Why is “My On Call Shifts” failing to show my future shifts? I am trying to plan my social schedule, something we humans do.

Hi Peter,

I’m afraid it is currently not possible to control how far into the future you can see from the My On Call Shifts section. If you need to see more in advance, you may try a WebCal Subscription with a calendar application of your choice.

If you’d like to open a feature request to allow more shifts to be displayed in the My On Call Shifts section, please consider writing to support@pageruduty.com and we’ll be more than happy to share your request along with your feedback with our Product team.


Luke S.
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support Team