FreshDesk integration methods

Hey Community,

I’m having a bit of a conundrum trying to get the “Pager Duty App” in FreshDesk to properly integrate.

I’ll try and give context, then explain the issue.

Our Use Case
We have a main, customer facing support team, along with countless software products and services. My team, Cloud Engineering, support, builds, designs the Cloud based offering of our product stack. We leverage Pager Duty for the typical event management from Azure, AWS, etc… There are often incidents in Pager Duty which inevitably require customer engagement which occurs through FreshDesk cases. Enter the FreshDesk “Pager Duty App” where we can create a new Pager Duty Incident or “Link” to an existing incident. It’s the “Link and sync” functionality which we’re after.

While I have administrative roles in Pager Duty, I do not have this same permission level in FreshDesk so I’m beholden to working with our internal FreshDesk team. Through a number of interactions with that team I was finally able to get the FreshDesk app to connect to a “single” PD Technical Service. The problem is, I have a number of PD Technical Services requiring the capability provided through the FreshDesk PD App. The FreshDesk team tells me its a “one and done” deal. The PD app can only connect to one Pager Duty Technical service. Based on our “use case” this isn’t going to work. It would require some form of a “staging ground” PD Technical Service and all kinds of wacky cross linking in Pager Duty.

Does anyone have experiencing with this type of use case with FreshDesk or any other PSA tooling? HELP!