Find Out Who is On-call Via Slack

+1 for early access @sean, please let me know the details when available.


Here at Echo we would be interested in this functionality. Thanks.

@sean We’d like access too :slight_smile:

Same here.

Hi @sean,
I’d also be very happy to join early access for this.

Would love to be part of early access

Very interested in trying early access for this feature. Would love to know if my team can participate.

Hey @sean we’d like to join the early access program.


We would also be interested in joining the early access program.



Hey @sean we would love to join the early access program as well!

hi @sean, i would love to know more about the early access program. thanks!

  • casey

Thanks everyone for expressing interest. Keep an eye on your inboxes in early February.

In the meantime, I’d love to understand how you’d like this type of interaction to work.

  • Are you hoping to use a slash command to view Escalation Policies or would you be looking by Service?
  • What type of optional parameters would you like to pass in (i.e “day”, “month”), if any?
  • Would you ever try to find who’s on call for a given Slack channel?

hi @sean. my team was hoping for a way to set up a slackbot that automatically posts to our ops channel every time a rotation occurs, with the names of who is now on call from our team. a slash command to view the current escalation policy would also be very useful.

thanks so much, we’re looking forward to seeing this feature in action.


Hey @sean, I would love to be included in this as well.

The ideal integration would be a slash command like /pd oncall or /pd whosoncall that would then ask you which policy/schedule you were interested in (example: Support, Support Shadow, Dev, Dev Backup) with options to pick just one or all of them. This would then spit out AGENT NAME is on call for POLICY until date/time.

Something like this would be great for our teams that want to reach out to our on call person without triggering the policy. Or just to know who’s on call.


Hi @sean ,

My team is very interested in trying out this feature when it is ready for alpha/beta.



Hi Sean,

Any update on this feature? At a minimum, I would love to be part of the early access release.


A bit late to the party, but we’re definitely interested in testing out a more advanced slack-integration as well.
To answer your specific questions posted later:

  1. We would most likely want to bind a Service to a room in terms of viewing who is on call
  2. I doubt anyone would use optional parameters for us (at least for now), generally we’d just want to know who is on call right now
  3. See answer for 1. Yes, most likely - though even a simpler implementation that shows everyone on call for a statically defined service would be enough for us.
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@sean We would also be very interested in this over here at Instacart — please keep us posted! :slight_smile:

My team’s definitely interested!

I would also be interested in being part of the early access program. We had our own solution that was based on the v1 API that went away late last year. If it’s being integrated into the core integration for Slack, I would be interested in being a part of it. Also what’s the updated timeline?