Expose CloudWatch Service Integration Alert Name Configuration in the API

The CloudWatch service integration allows configuration of the event name by drilling down into the Service Integration config in the GUI (“Correlate events by”, “Derive name from”).

This is important for reasons explained in this closed feature request. I would like these configuration options to also be exposed in the Services/Integrations APIs so that I can make use of them in my automation pipeline with Terraform.

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HI David,

Thanks for reaching out with a Feature Request! I will pass this along to our product team and let them know what you are looking for.

Sorry we cannot help you out with this right now, but do let me know if you have any more questions.


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Hi John,

Is there any update on the progress of Feature Request?


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Hi Pedro,

This isn’t a feature currently supported. We’ll relay the interest for this with our Product team!

One work-around I thought I might suggest is to use the Global Rulesets to build out event rules to determine how to route, trigger and correlate the Cloudwatch alarms by.

These features are supported within the REST API and can allow for more customizations beyond the default options provided in the service-level integration.



This would be great! Any updates on this or any place we can track its progress?

My use case is to include the respective app name in the alert title. As Geeth suggested, I’ve tried to update the alert title using the Rulesets, but it looks like we can’t achieve it that easily unless we set a rule for each alert explicitly per-app basis, which seems to be a time-consuming task considering the alerts at the enterprise level.

Hi @jodonnell, @geeth

I’d like to reinforce the need for this particular feature.

This is apparently not a new request - the oldest complaint I found dates back to 2017

Here’s how the default configuration looks like on our dashboard, using the defaults:

All the pages are nearly identical, forcing us to expand every page individually.

We’re aware that this is a configurable field via the UI:

I couldn’t find a way to change the defaults - any help here would be appreciated!

My team alone is currently responsible for 78 services on PD.
Even at this relatively small scale, manually visiting 78 services and clicking the right UI widget is bound to introduce mistakes.
IaC for such a critical piece of the infrastructure is increasingly seen as non-optional.

Kind regards,