Events-v2 deduplication via service instead of integration key


I have a PagerDuty service which currently has a single integration attached to it. We use the deduplication key to ensure that incidents are not duplicated when raised. I would like to add another integration to the service and still maintain the deduplication from the key specified when raising an alert from both integrations, however I find when I do this that we get duplicate incidents created from the new integration.

Am I right in saying that the deduplication key is only specific at the integration key level and does not deduplicate alerts across an entire service? If this is there case is there any way to work around this so that we are not seeing duplicate alerts when sending alerts with the same deduplication key from multiple integrations?


Hello Will,

Thanks for reaching out on our community space. Yes, you are correct rules of deduplication at the service level are based on the key. Have you considered using our global routing key, so you are sending all the events through the one key allowing the events to be deduplicated?


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the reason we are thinking of using multiple integrations is to increase our effective rate limit as suggested in the developer docs. I don’t think using a new key will work assuming the same 120 events/min rate limit still applies.

Suggest you reach out to your PagerDuty account team and inquire about options for increasing the limits and future product plans in this area.

Alternatively, this open source project may be of use: