[Event v2 API] Unable to add alert to specific incident

I am trying to use Event v2 API to send alerts. Basically what I am trying to do is to send 2 alerts:

  1. First alert should create new incident
  2. Second alert should be added to the incident created on step 1

Is there a way to implement this via Event v2 API without updating alerts via REST API?

Hello Andrey,

If you want a second alert to be added to the previous one, you would need to ensure both alerts share the same dedup key and the Incident has not been resolved. You will find more details about alert deduplication here.


Hi Chiedu,

AFAIK dedup_key allows alert deduplication. What I want is to create one incident and have 2 different alerts attached to it.

Hello Andrey,

That’s right. Sharing the same alert key allows for alert deduplication.

It appears what you are referring to is Alert Grouping which is part of the PagerDuty Event Intelligence package. That is usually purchased as an addon to your subscription plan.
If that is what you are after, please do email support@pagerduty.com for more details how how to get that included in your subscription.

Kind regards,