Event rules not filtering messages

Hi, we are trying to set up rules to mark some alert as info to disable the call. The only SMS should be fine for the same. We have a low urgency set as SMS only however the event rule not filtering those messages e.g. title contains LOW. Instead, it shows all messages & gives call for the same. Any tips will help us.

Hi Zenith,

It sounds like you’re using Global Event Rules in conjunction with Dynamic Notifications to have events that have LOW in a specific place be given the severity info which would trigger a Low-Urgency incident.

If the event rules are working in that they’re getting events to the right service but they’re not appropriately controlling the urgency of incidents that trigger, one possible cause of this is that your service is not set to the setting you can reference below:

Using Severity to Control Urgency

If that’s not the case, there could be a few things happening here which we can help you look for if you’d like to reach out to our Support Team over email. We’ll have to gather some information from you which we wouldn’t ask for you to produce here.