Escallation policy upon shift change


Our company does not provide 24/7 technical support, but we still want to keep an eye on what has happened during the night hours so that if needed we could react to those incidents next day. To achieve it, a dummy user account has been added to the schedule that covers those off-duty hours. It works perfectly fine, but a small yet annoying feature. When a morning shift starts, the pending incidents are not getting reassigned to new person on duty. Instead, it is kept assigned to that dummy user and we need to remember manually reassign the incidents.

Is there any way of changing that behavior so that every time when a shift changes, the incidents that are not closed are getting reassigned automatically? I could not find any setting that would controll it nor can I come up with anything better than running escalation policy many times until the shift length is getting exceeded. :disappointed:

I do see a potential danger in getting the incidents reassigned automatically, but that would be preferable in our case and we are ready to take that risk.

Any ideas or suggestions are very much welcome. :pray:

Have you considered using the Support Hours feature: