Escalation Policies - Same roles but Different hours of operations

We have two Escalation Policies - one for our T3 level support and one for our Incident Response Team

Within each of these we have a team in India and a team in Seattle.

Current Set up: When the person who is on call for said team and time is escalated to in PagerDuty, if they don’t respond in X amount of time, the escalation then goes to the manager. Recently we now have managers for both locations (2 different hours of operations), where as before there was only one.

QUESTION: IS there a way to have the correct manager based on hours of operation be notified in one Escalation policy OR is what it seems the only way - Have to have NEW escalation Policies based on hours of operations. So instead of one based on Role, we have to have one for each role for each location? (so where we have only 2 now, this would mean we need for escalation policies instead)

Hi Robin,

You can achieve this by putting each of the manager’s shifts onto a schedule, and then putting this manager schedule on the last level of the escalation policy.

I hope that helps!

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hmmmm I do think I understand. I will play with it. Thank you!