Escalate an unresolved Incident

Hello Team,

What I am looking for is to set up rules that tell the system to automatically escalate an incident if the primary on-call person doesn’t close an Incident in 15 mins.



Thanks for reaching out on our community page! The best option to achieve this would be the Ack timeout feature which is configurable on the Service settings.

Hope this works for you!

Thanks for the reply John, That would resend the notification to the Responder only. I want to get notified about the unresolved Incidents.

This is not something we offer then in that case. Thanks for sharing the details of what kind of functionality you are looking for though - we can pass this on to our product team and let them know the pain points you are experiencing when using the Escalation process as it is currently.


Is there a workaround that any other clients of yours came up with?

We are so much rooting for this feature. Also, this a feature in OpsGenie.

Hi Chaitanya,

Is the incident is a high or low urgency incident?
Escalation policy works only for high-urgency incidents.

I assume your incident is a high-urgency one.

Is the primary on-call person acked the incident?
If not, then the escalation policy will do its job, and set a 2nd level of escalation.
According to this example:
If the guy on the primary on-call schedule does not ack a high-urgency incident, then after 30 minutes Jason will be notified.

If he/she acked the incident, as John mentioned you can set a ack timeout to start again the escalation policy if the incident is not resolved.

Hope it helps.

Hi Chaitanya,

As Sebastian mentioned, this can be solved with an Escalation Policy. If after X minutes, the incident has not been resolved, it will move up the Escalation Policy to the next person/people/or team.

You can add up to 20 escalation rules to an escalation policy. And, the policy can be repeated up to 9 times.

Abbott Brannon
Technical Support Specialist

This is possible by developing an external solution that monitors the state of the incident and escalates the incident if not resolved in the expected time.