Error on adding note to an incident

Using pdpyras I’m getting a 400 error with the following code:

session.rput(‘incidents’, json=[{“id” : id, “note” : { “content” : note }} ] )

Alternatively I get a 404 error with this variation of code:

session.rput(’/incidents/’+id+’/notes’, json=[ { “content” : note }} ] )

This 404 exception returns a valid endpoint (’/incidents/ID/notes’) which I can query and read existing notes.

All other operations are functioning. Notes creation is the only issue so I assume it’s a simple formatting issue of some kind. Can anybody spot the mistake?


Thanks for reaching out on our community page! Can you follow up directly to the support team on with the full call you are sending and including the last 4 digits of the api key you are using ? As this is private information best not take this query any further here on a public space.


Are you sending the From: header?