Enhancing On-Call Life With Google Assistant!

We’re proud of our hack days and experimental projects here at PagerDuty! @lilia from our product team along with @zayna and @mviveros from our engineering team have been experimenting to see how Google Assistant could work as part of their on-call life.

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We’re hoping to publish our prototype soon so that you can try it out! Here are some of the things we’re teaching Google Assistant (via Dialogflow) in this first version:

  • Am I on call?
  • When am I next on call?
  • Who is on call for X team?

Watch this post to get notified when the first version is available!

We’d like to hear from you! Are you working on an on-call voice project? What questions would you like to ask PagerDuty using voice?


Hi, is there any update on this pagerduty <> google assistant interaction?
We would love to use it on our OPS floor to ask things like has anybody been paged last night and if possible even let it report the status of systems when asked or give an audible alert when something goes down.

any update on this?

Anything new hear? Would be cool to get alerts on a Google Home device as well.

Hey Chase/Fernando,

Sorry for the silence.

This is a passion / side project for me at the moment. I have a goal of picking it back up again and get something basic out the door. Thinking about ways I could open source it, but there’s a submission process with Google Assistant and not entirely my code, so it’s tricky.

I don’t think there would be alerts in the early version because voice-enabled speakers don’t have push notifications at the moment. Thinking more about the questions listed in the post above.

Hope you can subscribe here or connect on Twitter or something. That way if we get a v1 out the door I can circle back with you.

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Has anything progressed with this? I know this isn’t strictly what was envisioned, but we have been using google duo as a glorified landline for escalations on call in the event a techs phone is off or dead. today it is manual, ie. someone makes a duo call as that will ring through on the tech’s google home and act as a hard wired bat signal of sorts. I would love to have pagerduty ring out to duo users though as it would allow for that greater visibility of call outs as we all know that when on call, sometimes life happens, or technology fails us.

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