Enhance incidents from external data sources via their APIs?

Is it possible to enhance incidents via APIs to external systems?
Example: Incidents have a device ID as the dedup_key. I’d like to make API calls to our source-of-truth and use the device ID to get site ID and contact info to add to the incident.

This isn’t possible natively within PagerDuty today. You’d need to do this via an external tool such as Rundeck, AWS Lambda/Eventbridge, etc.

Are you suggesting… a webhook call to some external service which would itself do a lookup (probably from source field) and push info ‘response’ into the given PagerDuty Incident? I’d like that to go even further and use a signal/response from an external system to decide whether to suppress the Incident or not – I suppose that would be done at the Alert level.

Kip, good point regarding the fact that currently any new information regarding an incident would need to be passed to PagerDuty at the alert level. It would also at some point (be it lambda, custom event transformer or event rules) need to be transformed into the format PagerDuty can understand (https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/pd-cef), with a way to link the new alert/event to an existing one via the dedup key.