Enable passing of service name to '/pd oncall' slack bot

The addition of the /pd oncall has been a great. However, I would like to request (or perhaps there is away I’m not aware) for that command to accept the service name as a parameter.

For example: /pd oncall “My Service”

By adding this functionality, I’d be able to create a scheduled message that would post the above message, every so often so we could see who is next on call.

Thank you!

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi Mateus -

Thanks for the suggestion on this. You’re right that this is not possible with the integration today. I di agree that it would be helpful to have the slash command accept an optional parameter. I’ll get this added to our backlog.

Would you expect to pass in an exact service name? What if one didn’t match? What would you expect to happen?


Hi Sean,

That’s a great question. I think a first iteration could just be an exact match. Maybe a round two would add some wildcards? But, my use case was to use it with a scheduled message to a channel.

For instance, every Friday, an automated task would post `/pd oncall “my service” and we would all see right in slack who was on call. Since it would only bet setup once, I would ensure that I entered in the exact name.

If I entered a service incorrectly, I think maybe it could just respond with “not found”?

Thanks for getting back, and for considering the suggestion!