Email truncation - Controlling where to truncate

I am using the global email as incoming event source to create alerts in PD, then using event rules to route to services. Some of the emails coming in are way larger than 96 KB and vital info about the incident is usually at the top and bottom of the email, the bottom is usually truncated and not visible on the alert.

I will like to control which part of the email is truncated. Preserving the first and last 20 lines of the email such that it will be visible on the ticket. Is this possible?

When an email is truncated it will only ever truncate the bottom, not parts in the middle. If there’s a way to reduce the size of the emails you send us, that would be the best way to get around this, otherwise, you’ll need to continue to view the message on the incident manually to view the full message.

Thanks Tom.

I got similar response from one of your colleagues, thus the feature request.