Email incident notifications when not on-call

We have an onshore/offshore rotation, with the intent being that when an incident happens during offshore hours, all offshore members are simultaneously notified, and then if and only if an incident is not actioned, it escalates to the onshore rotation. Following the examples in the docs, we’ve set up individual schedules for each offshore person from 10:30pm-7:30pm local time and set those all as the first tier of the escalation policy, and then the primary onshore rotation that has one person on a rotating weekly basis as the next level of escalation.

This works successfully, and incidents during the 10:30pm-7:30am time first go to the offshore team, and then escalate up from there, while incidents from 7:30am-10:30pm skip offshore and go to our onshore rotation.

My question: how can we configure this so the people on the offshore schedules all receive an email whenever ANY incident is triggered? If I change their schedule to be 24/7, then the escalation policy doesn’t skip them during the 7:30am-10:30pm hours. The intent is not for the offshore team to action any incidents during those hours, but instead to just have them be able to see all of their previous night’s incidents in their email when they login the following day.

If you are on the Business or Digital Operations plan you have access to Response Plays. One function of plays is the ability to add stakeholders to an incident and notify them via a status update. Plays can be set up to run automatically whenever an incident is triggered on a service. In this case you could configure the play to add the offshore team as subscribers to every incident automatically. Similar to responder notification rules, team members can define the notification channels they want to receive stakeholder updates via (email in this scenario).

Alternatively, if you are on Free or Professional, or want to build out a more custom workflow, you could use Extensions. You could configure a webhook to fire off a script or logic outside of PagerDuty that emails the offshore team with details of the incident.