Email event rule not resolving PD Incidents

I have read the documentation and cannot figure out why my incidents don’t resolve.
The Alert keys for both Trigger and Resolve rules are identical. The deputy seems to work properly and the incidents are updated throughout, but when the “RESOLUTION” email comes in, it updates the alert, but it does not resolve the incident.

Help, please?

Sorry for bad auto-correct…
Deputy = Dedup key

Btw typical subject line:
Major Incident: INC1234567 - This is the problem
RESOLUTION Major Incident: INC1234567 - This issue is now resolved

The word RESOLUTION has three asterisks on each side in the subject

Hey Tim,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you send us an email to so we can gather information from your privately and assist in figuring out why your resolve events are not resolving incidents?

Thanks so much!

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