Editing Zendesk extensions via API

Hey there,

working on migrating ours pagerduty <-> zendesk integration from v2 to v3

having some hard time doing it programmatically :
I’ve configured zendesk extension and authorized it (worked well for v2)

The issue now, as i’m migrating to v3 is I need a way to programmatically edit the extension (add new services, update other etc…)

When i’m trying to view the zendesk extensions via the API docs list-extensions or list-installed-add-ons I get an empty list

(made sure i’m using my personal API key and not the default one)

  "addons": [],
  "limit": 25,
  "offset": 0,
  "more": false,
  "total": null


  "extensions": [],
  "limit": 25,
  "offset": 0,
  "total": null,
  "more": false

Also you can see the service has Zendesk listed as extension/add-on

When viewing get-a-service I don’t get any info about this extensions

what am I missing ?

Thanks !

Hi @dmcclure, can you assist here ?