Edit Override

The options presented when you click on an override in the Schedules view are confusing and unhelpful.

The biggest thing missing is the ability to edit the override. The option to “Schedule an Override” is confusing since I’m already looking at an override, and having to add a new one and delete the old one was also not intuitive.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you clarify which Schedules menu you’re in?

Are you in the “My On-Call Shifts” menu or the general Schedules menu, or are you looking at a specific menu?

Let us know!


I’m in People -> On-Call Schedules.

The detail popup to which I refer appears in both this page, and in the detail view for an individual schedule.

Hello Justin W,

Many thanks for your feedback. The issue has been raised as a feature request with the Product Team to consider.