Easily linking/integrating Incident Playbooks

If internally we have guides/playbooks for dealing with certain kinds of incidents I was wondering if there was any way we could easily link those in Pagerduty in the incident. It would be great if when an incident occurs there were somewhere we could link these guides, or potentially with response plays link different playbooks.

Hey Olivia,

It sounds like adding a note to the incident would be of interest to you. Notes can be used to help responders resolve incidents quicker by including information or links related to the system that the event comes from. You can add notes in the Web UI, the mobile app or through an event rule. You can read more about that here: https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/editing-incidents#add-a-note-to-an-incident

Hope this helps!


Hi Nadia,

Thanks for reaching out! A note isn’t exactly what we want because we want these links to be pre-populated based on the type of incident. So for example, if it’s x type of incident here’s all the links associated with how to guides on how to fix this. Is that possible? I did notice there is an option for add-ons, but I was wondering if there was anything more that I could to a response play?


What you are looking to achieve is possible using Rulesets. But this particular feature, adding notes is part of our Event Intelligence which can be purchased as an addon, if you don’t have it just yet.
However, if you want to purchase, let us know and we will go from there.

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@olivia If you use Slack then you might check out RigD. We have a Slack app that help automate elements of the incident response process, most importantly playbooks/runbooks. This includes things like running a response play based on incident priority, pushing a link to a webpage with the playbook doc, to more advanced things like asking a series of questions or automatically gather logs. Happy to share more if you are interested.