Easiest way to allow other users in our company to create incidents?

(I’ve submitted this as a support request but I thought I’d drop it here as well for a wider audience…)

We have licensed PD for all of our support/devops staff. However, we want to let other company staff create incidents. They don’t need to manage them or anything; they don’t need to be Pagerduty users at all. They just need to create them.

We have Slack integration set up, and I had hoped non-PD-users could use /pd trigger to create incidents, but it appears that can only be used by registered PD users.

It appears maybe email integration could be used by anybody, even a non-PD-user? I haven’t looked into it yet.

But is there a better way to do this? /pd trigger would have been ideal, but if everyone in our company needs to have a PD account, that’s a non-starter for us. Thanks.

Hi Denis,

Thanks for reaching out!

You’re right that our newer Slack integration requires users to be linked, although we have a Legacy one that will allow any Slack user to trigger incidents. Unlike our newer integrations, this one can only be used to trigger incidents not resolve them. Our integration guide for that is here.

The other option, as you mentioned, would be an email integration, which anybody can use (unless you configure it otherwise). You can read more about that here.

Please let me know if this is helpful or you have additional questions.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist

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Denis - Look into the Slack Workflow Builder support provided by our Slack v2 integration. You can create a simple workflow experience allowing anyone - not connected to PagerDuty - to create a PagerDuty incident.

Hey all, I’m running into the same issue as Denis. I could start another thread but this seems to be the most relevant.

Workflows would have been perfect in our case but is there a way to let users choose the priority of the incident ? Usually with workflows you show the user a slack form, and then inserts variables from that form in the steps afterwards. But it doesn’t seem possible to insert variable in the Priority field in the Pagerduty step. Without any priority, the workflows would be pretty hard to use with a large volume of incidents.

Is there something I’m missing ?