dynamic slack channel in pagerduty slack integration

Currently in the pagerduty slack integration, we can only send to one pre-defined slack channel for all incidents in one service, but we might need to send to different channels based on the incident details.
Does pagerduty support sending to different channel based on the certain field in the custom details of event/alert? Or is it doable by the webhook?

Today this would require an external solution like a Webhook v2 or Automated Action Webhook --> AWS Lambda to perform the routing and creation of Slack messages in channels other than the one associated with the service dynamically.

Hey @doudouwong,

In Actioner, we are designing Slack apps that integrates your toolset. In our app directory, we introduced a solution for incident management with PagerDuty. Let me share its link: https://actioner.com/app-directory/slack-first-incident-and-on-call-management-with-pagerduty/44

This Slack integration connects your PagerDuty through webhook and notifies you of PagerDuty incidents through dedicated Slack channels. It is possible to customize this app to work as to notify you in your preferred channel depending on the properties of the incident.

It will be also possible to add different actions to different incident notifications, such as Acknowledge, Resolve, Escalate, or a custom action that runs directly in Slack.

If you’re interested and would like to explore more, you can ping me or reach out to us on Contact page. We’d be happy to walk you through some steps to build such a flow.

Kind regards,
Aysun from Actioner