Dynamic Scheduling

This is request is to develop the capability for managers/users to dynamically fill in schedules according to their availability. e.g. If I have a team of 9 users, I would like to provide them with a schedule with specific time slots/shifts in advance and have them self-serv slot themselves. As manager for the team, I need a quick ability to check for gaps. The users need the ability to schedule themselves for a time slot by week(s) or month(s).

Hi Mitchell,

Thanks for the post! The best way to create this type of schedule in PagerDuty today is to create a blank schedule, then use overrides to setup the various time slots/shifts with either yourself or a dummy user on-call. Your team members can then edit those shifts to put themselves on-call (claiming a time slot).

I’ll log a feature request for an easier way to setup this type of schedule. Hopefully this workaround helps for now!