Do not disturb mode for the users

I’m new to Pagerduty so apologies if this has been answered in some other posts.
BTW, Is there any way to place the user on DND so that under the ‘Escalation Policies’, the user doesn’t get notified and Pagerduty proceeds to notify the next availanble (non-DND) user/s (and without waiting for the escalation time to finish)?

P.S. We want to use this feature in a situation when someone is not available only for some short period of time so that we don’t have to remove/add back the user

Hi Satish,

Welcome to PagerDuty!

While we do not have a DND mode for on-call users at this time, if the user is a direct target on an Escalation Policy, you could consider creating a separate schedule for this user with restrictions for when they should be on-call. Then, you can add the Schedule to the Escalation Policy. The user would only be notified when on-call, and the Escalation Policy would not attempt to notify the user outside of the restrictions you set for when they should be off-call.

You may also consider creating an override so that another user is on-call if the original on-call responder is unavailable at a certain time. This would allow you to make a one-time adjustment to the schedule without removing the user.


Thanks Hannah for your reply.
I guess we’ll have to use the other options you mentioned and see how it goes.
Thanks again for the pointers.