Display On-Call events as "All Day" calendar events

Hi! I have a request that hopefully isn’t too niche of a use case:

I’m fortunate to only be on-call 12 hours a day. When I import that webcal into Google Calendars, it is somewhat ugly, as now most of my days are taken up by a rather large “PagerDuty On-Call” block. Ideally, for me, I’d rather have all the days I’m on call listed as a “All Day” event, meaning it would only appear at the top bar of google calendar. That would make it easier to get an overview of when I’m on call, for the purpose of scheduling, without taking up a ton of space on my calendar.

Perhaps this could be a toggle/option on the “Export Schedule” feature.


Hi @samuelbchase
Having all the days you are on call listed as an “All Day” event was achieved using the the guide.

Do give it a go and let me know how you get along. If the issue still persists, do email support@pagerduty.com, attention Chiedu. I will be happy to schedule a call with you.


I am trying to achieve the same thing as the original post, except using the Mail app on Mac OS. I followed the link to the guide but there is nothing there about “All Day” events, and following the instructions I end up with large On-Call blocks on my calendar instead of an all-day event.

Hi @chiedu, apologies for missing your prior response. Like James, I still see the events being added as on-call blocks instead of “all day” events. I followed the “Export All Schedules” guide.

Hello @samuelbchase,

Please do email support@pagerduty.com, attention Chiedu. I will be happy to schedule a call with you to review what you have set up then take it from there.


Hello! Did this ever get sorted / is there an easy way to fix this now? We’re running into this issue on our team and it’s quite annoying. Thanks so much!

Hi Nikita, thanks for checking in on this! At this time, our schedule export options do not support a toggle to create All-Day events instead of time blocks. We’re always happy to pass feedback on to our Product team about things like this, though. To submit feature requests, feel free to email support@pagerduty.com. The more details you can provide about your use-case the better, but this one is pretty straightforward already. :slight_smile: