Disassociate your PagerDuty Community account from PD OAuth

To separate your PagerDuty Community account from your PagerDuty account, you’ll want to change your email address in :gear: Preferences.

You will lose the ability to sign in via SSO with your PagerDuty account when doing this, but you can always re-link your PagerDuty Community account with a PagerDuty account at any time in the future (outlined below).

For completeness, you’ll also want to revoke the OAuth token for the PagerDuty Community app in your PagerDuty account. To do this, go to the User Settings tab in your PagerDuty profile, look for the Applications section, then click Revoke for the PagerDuty Community app.

Linking Your Community Account to a New PagerDuty Account

If you want to start or resume using a PagerDuty account to log in to your Community account, simply make sure your login email address in both PagerDuty and the Community are matching. If you’re starting a new job, this may mean changing your PagerDuty Community email address to your new organization’s email address, or setting your new PagerDuty account’s login email address to your personal email address.

Either way, you’ll need to verify your email address in PagerDuty - by entering a validation code sent to your new login email address the first time you try to log in to the Community via OAuth, or in the PagerDuty Community - by clicking a confirmation link sent to both the old and new email addresses.