Disable alerts for always oncall in case of holiday


We have some “special” cases, with a notification rule like this:

  1. Notify A person, wait X minute
  2. If no reaction, notify B person, and wait X minute
  3. If no reaction, notify the whole team, and wait X minute
  4. If no reaction, notify the manager, and wait X minute, if no reaction goto 1

Now in the above example, the problem is that in group 3 everybody is on call 24/7. So if somebody has to go on holiday, we saw only two solutions either remove the notifications from (s)he profile or remove it from the rotation altogether otherwise (s)he may receive calls on their holidays too.

Is there a better solution to this?

Also, it could be interesting to have this in some way integrated to the Holiday calendar that was already mentioned in some other topics.

@marton.danko, I would level skip level 3 all together, because potentially you are going to wake up a complete team. But if you want to do it that way, then I would create an individual calendar for each users who is on level 3 and when they are not available (e.g. holiday), then they can create an override and won’t be called.