Different contact methods for day and night time

Hello all

My company is in the early stages of PagerDuty implementation and I’m looking for thoughts/advice on how to overcome the following challenge we are faced with…

Most of the support teams provide oncall cover 24*7, but the majority of users do not have a work supplied mobile phone. Typically each support team will have a non-smart oncall phone that is shared between oncall personnel and in the current climate is re-directed to the relevant person’s personal mobile phone - this is for overnight purposes i.e. 6pm to 8am weekdays and all weekend.

A lot of users we have spoken with, are reluctant (or even refusing) to have their personnal mobile phone number configured in the product. Their thinking is that they do not want to be contacted when not working and obviously they won’t want to switch off their personal phone - I know this can be avoided in the main by only specifying Schedules and not Users in the Escalation Policies, but there is no catering for someone manually assigning specific users to a problem.

I know we can build “daytime” Schedules, but without users having a dedicated number assigned to them I can’t see how this would work for High-Urgency Incidents.

A colleague has suggested an office telephony system where PD would call a DDI dedicated to each oncall team rota. PD could escalate if no answer or the hunt group could auto redirect if no answer. The diagram attached depicts his vision and we are wondering if this approach is feasible.

I’d appreciate any thoughts on how we could tackle this Situation.

Many thanks

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Could be an interesting use case to develop within Twilio (or other cloud based telephony platforms/services)! I know your company has a relationship with PagerDuty Professional Services so don’t hesitate to reach out to your account team to explore something like this!

Hey Chris,

As Doug said, this is not something we support out of the box but do get in touch with your Accounts team if you would like to explore how feasible this is further.


Thanks Doug & John. We have already had a discussion with our accounts CSM and he is going to make some enquiries to see if any other customers have had a similar issue and what they’ve done to overcome it.


Great, thanks Chris!