Desktop Global Navigation

Dear PagerDuty Community,

We are super excited to share we are currently testing and planning to roll out a new desktop global navigation.

As PagerDuty has grown into a digital operations platform, we have heard from many of our customers that features (old and new) have become more challenging to discover, and that it’s becoming more difficult to efficiently navigate between different tasks, which is slowing them down and adding cognitive load.

Desktop navigation is the focal element on the product that allows our customers to find what they are looking for without confusion or unnecessary clicks. Equally, we also want to gently lead our customers to access essential information and new features designed to bring their digital operations to the next level. The less our users have to think about navigation, the better they can focus on accomplishing their goals.

Thank you to the hundreds of users who gave their time to validate our information architecture, participated in our user testing studies, and engaged live in our A/B studies to pick a solution that works across different packages and segments. We couldn’t have done it without your feedback, collaboration, and support.

Navigation FAQ

1. When will the final rollout of the navigation happen?

We’re starting a gradual rollout on October 1, 2020. All PagerDuty accounts will get the new navigation by October 16, 2020.

2. What was the problem with current navigation?

Present navigation had outgrown the platform’s needs and put a lot of cognitive load on users’ mental model to discover and get to critical pages in a few clicks. Feedback from our customers and user studies suggested our navigation needed a new information architecture. We think you’ll like our new navigation!

3. How was the information architecture on the navigation decided?

Extensive research and testing were conducted to develop a menu that was optimized for all types of users. This process included discovery research incorporating interviews, surveys, analytics, card sorting, and tree testing activities. We then identified two potential approaches compared using an A/B test on a select subset of users. The two competing menus were compared on various measures, including metrics such as efficiency, discoverability, and success rate on high-value actions. The winning navigation was selected for implementation across the entire PagerDuty web.

4. What materials can I use to share more details with my teams? Where can I go to get more information?

Please refer to this blog post which has most of the information on our approach and screenshots. Click here

5. Can we toggle between new and old navigation?

Yes! We will allow toggling back to the old navigation from the “Help” section for several weeks.

6. Where should I provide feedback on new navigation?

You can send navigation feedback to