Default Team Selection for Web Portal.

Having no team filtering by default creates issues for organization setup to have multiple teams configured. It seems that we have had cases of people closing incidents, probably by accident, that were not assigned to them.
It would be interesting to get the ability to select the default team to filter on when the PagerDuty portal is accessed from a browser. A new setting could be added to the User Profile. The default team should be automatic and fixed for members of a single team. Members of multiple teams could select their default team to display (filter on).
Login into PagerDuty from another browser on another computer would use the new default team setting to filter the incidents by default when loading.

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great suggestion to make account customizations persist across browsers/computers.

please make the web browser UI behave more like the PagerDuty mobile app. UX is much better (i.e. filter defaults to “Mine” or “My Teams”, and it is easy to switch to “All”). organizations with lots of users tend to have many teams and users and would benefit from this. i would assume that organizations with few users/teams probably wouldn’t notice.


Are you setting a primary team for your users?


@StephaneSimard & @andylam, Defaulting to “My Team” makes sense, will work with our product design team to put it in our backlog. Thanks for these suggestions.

Hi Doug, thanks for the suggestion. I tried the Primary Team feature but it does not do any of the requested behavior.