Dark Theme for PagerDuty site

It has been requested several times over past years.
Last update i was able to find was from 2019 here:

Is there any progress?


Hello Mirek,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently we do not have a dark theme on offer but I have added your +1 to the feature request. Sorry we cannot help you out with this right now, but do let me know if you have any more questions.


Do you have a public roadmap for feature requests, like e.g. AWS EKS, Gitlab CI and Github Actions have?

Hello Mirek,

It is not a public page but you can view all updates we do make -


Kind regards,

As a work around, I’ve just been using the Dark Reader extension (https://darkreader.org/)

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Thats great - thanks Preston for the update and letting us know you have a work around.


This is crucial especially for those night shifts on PD. Please implement this.


I agree. I recently started night shift PD and man does all of the white burn your eyes at 3AM.


Is this still in the backlog? Any interest in prioritizing?

Dark Reader is a half-baked workaround IMO. Failing to optimize for night-shift users is a major oversight.

+1 please. Yes we can use extensions, but in 2024 this should be native for any engineering product.