Customized Response Play Notifications 2

Dear community,

I’d like to revive this relative request and give some precisions about what is needed in my case.

We use the Response Play Notification to alert all team members, in addition to the assignee, for instance to prevent the team from missing an alert if the assignee is off.

The need is to display in the custom message the name of the assignee.

Do you think it could be implemented ? Is there another way in Pagerduty to alert all the team while keeping the team schedule ?

Thanks a lot !

Hey Thomas,

Thanks for posting. So as far as the custom message, that’ll still be a Feature Request we will need to log with the team. In terms of notifying others, or multiple people. As you mentioned, have you considered adding the schedules/team members to the Second layer of an Escalation Policy instead so that it will Automatically update the rest of the team that the Assignee was unable to pick up?

Let me know your thoughts on the above and apologies if I misunderstood anything or this wasn’t what you meant- do let me know if that was the case.

Kind regards,