Custom Incident Action Variables

Is there a way to pass information from a triggered incident to a custom incident action. Example. Create a cutstom incident action to restart a windows service. But i would want to pass it the server name and service name from the incident. These are feilds that exsist in my incident so i just need to be able to pass them

This is not possible today. In most cases, the CIA sends its webhook to something else that can parse the available information or gather that information from another system of record.

Another option is our Automated Triggers (if you have Event Intelligence) that can be created based on more specific incoming event/alert information ( I’m not 1000% sure on their exact webhook payload, it was sparse early on but may include more of the original event/alert information now.

As a last resort, the regular webhook extension can automatically throw the trigger webhook with the full event/alert payload and could be processed by an external system automatically. If you introduced Rundeck with this you may be able to “catch and hold” and then prompt a user for interaction before taking action.


Do you think this type of thing is on the roadmap?

Hello Michael,

The Product Team would be privy to that. Logging this as a Feature Request would place it in their radar.
I have just done so.