Custom Event Transformer creates incidents on Ruleset but not on Orchestration

I am using a very basic custom event transformer (just the default code) for testing events from a script. When I have my service set to use a service ruleset, incidents are created as expected. However, I want to use a service orchestration to do multiple processing steps. When I switch to service orchestration, the events I am sending are not generating incidents using the same payload and the same integration endpoint. Is there some extra requirement for orchestrations to use custom event transformers?

Hi Travis,

Using a Custom Event Transformer(CET)should work with Event Orchestrations. We have info on setting this up here.

If you’d like, we can take a look at what is being sent in and review the CET details of when these were sent to PagerDuty. Could you email with information on when these were sent in (date/time/timezone) with a link to the service for the CET as well?

Once we have those details, we can take a closer look at this.

Support Team Lead - East Coast

CETs are not supported with Global Event Orchestrations or Global Rulesets today. Service Level Event Orchestrations can be used with a CET (event --> CET --> Service Level Event Orchestrations --> Alert on Service)