custom_details: field ordering and whitespace

I’m experimenting with the “details” field in Events API v1, and “custom_details” in Events API v2 which seem to be the same thing.

I can pass in some data, and it gets displayed in PagerDuty UI but I see two issues:

  • There doesn’t appear to be a way to control the display order of the custom fields. They’re displayed in alphabetic order. I suppose I could prefix each field with a number but that would really ugly. Is there a way to specify the order? Use a list instead of map for example?
  • When displaying the details, PagerDuty seems to add some extra whitespace. The problem is worse on Firefox than on Chrome. See examples below. Is this a PagerDuty frontend bug or am I doing something wrong?



Hi Pēteris!

I noticed you wrote in to Support with these questions as well, and I’ve responded to you via email.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to follow up in that ticket.


Cassie Champagne
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support

It would be nice to hear the answer about the ordering of custom details, as we are faced with the same challenge.

Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out.

For the ordering of the custom details, the fields are alphabetized when custom details contains 32 or fewer fields. If there are more than 32, they will be unordered.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Cassie Champagne
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support

Hi Chris,

Support created an internal ticket for my request about field ordering, and said it “will be considered by our Product team for future planning and process for design and development”. So no promises, but fingers crossed :slight_smile:

They also confirmed the extra whitespace is a bug.