Custom changes in PagerDuty workflow


I am new to PagerDuty and I’m tasked to come up with subtle changes in how PagerDuty primarily functions!

Here’s my requirement-

Notify 2nd level individual when an incident ran for more than 60 mins (Yes, despite level-1 acknowledging the incident, we would like to notify Level-2 as soon as clock go past 60 mins since the incident trigger)

At present, Pagerduty doesn’t notifies Level-2 if the incident is acknowledged by the level-1.

Note : we would like to notify level-3 if incident remains open for 120 mins or more so on and so forth for subsequent levels!

Is this possible at all? any leads on it is highly appreciated, Thanks!

This would be possible with an external solution you’d need to develop outside of PagerDuty.

One approach might be:

  • Regularly query PagerDuty’s Incidents API for active, open incidents for certain services, priorities, etc. and store in a database or similar
  • Make additional API queries to get those incident’s log entries for timestamps of key activities and actions taken over the incident’s lifecycle
  • Evaluate the trigger timestamps against your resolution targets or other expected actions that may or may not have been taken yet
  • If resolution time has exceeded, escalate the incident to another layer of an escalation policy, add additional responders, run a response play, etc. as appropriate.