Creating Schedule Override Gaps for Holidays

On Creating Schedule Gaps, it goes through purposely creating gaps in schedule coverage where no one is on call. We use this feature for our services that only require business-hours support. I.E. Our desire is that incidents are only created during business hours.

Where this falls short though is holidays. We’d like to setup our schedule so that a gap exists on holidays. That way incidents are not created on holidays.

Is there currently any way to do this? An idea we had was to schedule an Override for our company’s holidays where the override is not assigned to anyone and therefore it creates a gap in the schedule for that time period. But unfortunately it looks like overrides require a user to be assigned to the override.


Hello Alex,

Apologies for the delay in coming back to you on this.

The request has been raised as a Feature Request to be considered by the Product Team .



+1 for this feature. We have an Onboarding rotation that we don’t need to be staffed outside of business hours. We already restrict it to Monday-Friday, but I haven’t found a good method to turn it off for Thursday/Friday this week (Thanksgiving in the US). It’d be very cool to be able to select a day and pause a layer.

The best workaround I can think of is creating a fake user and assigning the override to them. Any other suggestions welcome! :smile:

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Another +1 here.

Really need a way override with no cover for bank holidays.

Adding my support for this feature. I hope this request can gain more traction.