Creating a new schedule based on another one shifted by X days

Hi! Has anyone tried to create a new schedule based on another one, shifted by X days?

The goal here would be to know who was on-call last week, as the escalation policy I want to build would be one where there are two persons on-call at any given time:

  • First layer: the person on-call for the current week (schedule A)
  • Secondary layer: the person on-call for the previous week (schedule B, which is a schedule created from schedule A, but shifted by 1 week)

I can probably use the schedule API to retrieve info for schedule A and build schedule B based on that, but it seems as soon as I add overrides to A things would get complicated, as the overrides would need to be re-created on schedule B too.

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Thanks for reaching out. We have the ability to copy schedules and then set schedule layers to have ‘start dates’ meaning that they wont come into action until X day at Y time, but this is as close as we could get to supporting what you have requested.