Create Node Filters at Project Level

Hey all,

Pretty new to PagerDuty Process Automation/Rundeck, and have hopefully a general question.

Are node filters only viewable/usable by the user who creates them? Is there any way to set these filters at a project level?

I’ve created a project for a team to use, and created filters within the node list to group their clusters. We pull nodes from Chef, and their clustering is NOT included in the tags, so the best option I could think of is the filters. Can I share my filters at the project level, or would all the users have to recreate the filters? Or am I dumb and should be doing this another way? Haha.


Hi Tim!

That’s possible by creating a globals at the project configuration and then use that global variable on the node filter.


  1. Go to your project, click on Project Settings (left menu) > Edit Configuration and then, click on the “Edit Configuration File” (the up to right button).
  2. Add the following line: project.globals.myfilter=nodes.*
    And then click on the “Save” green button.
  3. Create a new job, go to the “Nodes” tab and click on t he “Dispatch to Nodes” radio button and then add the globals: ${globals.myfilter}
  4. Save and run your job.

In this way you can use “project wide filters” on your jobs.

Hope it helps!