Create email alerts during cover gaps

I would like to know if we can create email alerts during cover gaps.

I understand that incidents are only created when there is a user assigned to the escalation policy.

Incidents are only created when an escalation policy has an on-call user. In other words, if there is nobody to assign an incident to when an event is sent to PagerDuty (due to a coverage gap on a schedule, for example), then an incident will not be created.

But I was wondering how can we have these incidents created and sent to email during cover gaps(when no user is assigned) so that it can be triaged at a later point of time?

Please let me know of other workarounds to handle this too.


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Hi Raksha,

Thanks for reaching out!

As you mentioned, incidents are only created when an escalation policy has an on-call user. If there are coverage gaps in your schedule, no incidents will be created where there is no on-call user, and there is currently no workaround for this.

Would be happy to raise this as a feature request if you reach out to us at

We do have some REST API endpoints that can help identify gaps in your schedules that you might find helpful:

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Rebekah Dawkins
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Hi Raksha,
Would the configuration of Support Hours help you here?

It allows the configuration of pre-defined support hours, where a low-urgency notification can be set and when used in conjunction with user Notification Rules then emails would be sent out rather than a call.


I have been able to create a user in PD with a group email.
Assign that user to the escalation policy OR to a schedule to cover your gap.

Caveat: The user will consume a license. Not sure if there is a way around this adding the user as a subscriber or limited stakeholder…

Just so you know, using a distribution list / group email as a user login/contact email is in violation of the PagerDuty Terms of Service.