Create Alert Within Existing Incident

Similar to the use case as requested in this post, my team is looking for a solution to add alerts to an already existing incident within Pagerduty. This is desirable over the alert log as the number of alert instances are communicated in the UI without an additional click. See the image below as an example.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 3.18.25 PM

We’re aware of the presence of the incident_key acting as a de-duplication key, but the behavior is a bit off the mark. While it creates a log message, that isn’t immediately clear in the UI which is a requirement due to our alert volume.

Taking a look at the API documentation to post incidents via the API, it appears there’s no public API to make the above happen. Is that correct?

Hi Kyle,

The ability to deduplicate alerts into an existing incident is described as you mentioned here .

The screenshot that you’ve posted illustrates the number of grouped alerts - either through time based or intelligent alert grouping.

If I am reading your question/request correctly, you would also like to see the number of deduplicated alerts listed on an open incident? Can you help me understand how seeing deduplicated alerts in a summarized count helps your use case?


Hi Sean,

Thanks for clearing up the domain specific language. Sounds like we’re looking to group an alert into an incident immediately upon it being created without firing off a new alert using the API. As an organization, we’ve looked into intelligent alert grouping in the past, but decided against its implementation. Is there anything available for blanket grouping alerts based on titles?

Our use case of Pagerduty is pretty niche. For the purpose of this post, I’ll generalize by saying that it’s valuable for end users to know how often certain incidents have occurred once they’ve begun to address it. Happy to go into more detail through direct messaging.